COSMIC STORY is a brand that makes natural skincare products with unadulterated, clean, authentic and marvelous ingredients from the roots of the planet EARTH.

We picked the word "COSMIC" because every component we use comes from diverse areas, and by mixing them all, we create a Universe of environment friendly, clean-earth, effective, and safe products.


The "STORY" represents your skincare journey with us in which we involve and you evolve.

There is an unbelievable void in the skincare market. SAGAR & PRATIK, the founders of Cosmic Story want to fill this void with a Natural Skincare Experience with the goodness of their products.


All of the products from Cosmic Story have been tried and true. They are the result of extensive research and meticulous craftsmanship, and they are free from any toxic or harmful material.

The purpose of introducing research-based and customer-focused products to the market is to make people aware that it is important to have healthy skin than to have a beautiful one. If we want our customers to feel good about their skin, we must first be honest with our product, and that is where our journey begins.

We believe everyone has a story to tell and the story of your skincare begins here. Here, where nature meets with you and you meet with your true, healthy self.